How to Get Your Beauty Brand To Cult Status

How to Get Your Beauty Brand To Cult Status
A roadmap for branding success.


Your business is the name on everyone’s lips. Vogue in your message bank and Chrissy Teigen is in your inbox. Rihanna is gushing about you, social media is obsessed with you and you can officially Do. No. Wrong.


You’re sold-out (and sold-out of the next pre-order!) and customers are begging you to get more stock, like, yesterday, because they officially can’t get enough of it.


Can you even imagine what this would feel like? Having your brand reach cult status?


I know you may have your own self doubt or thought patterns telling you it isn’t realistic or ever gonna happen. Trust me when I say—you CAN elevate your beauty brand’s potential and reach cult status when you do the groundwork to get there!


If we haven’t met before, I’m Christina. a true Cali girl  that’s one-part taco addict, one-part beauty fanatic and all-parts branding guru. It’s my mission to make sure your beauty brand has style AND substance so you can slay the game and create a lasting legacy with your business.


Which is to say … I know my sh*t.


And I know how to get you to cult status.




Seven pro tips to take your beauty brand to the next level



Create a memorable experience for your customers.

Create a desirable experience for your customers first. Don’t let this be the last thing you focus on. From visual aesthetics (this is where I come in), to accessibility, to amazing customer support—people are buying into your experience rather than just your products/services.


Know your target audience

… And know them very, very well. When you try to reach everyone, you end up not reaching anyone at all. To counteract this (and make your beauty brand as potent as possible)  you need to get really specific about pinpointing the people that matter most to your brand.


Have a cohesive brand identity and apply it consistently.

This means creating a distinct visual brand identity – complete with logos in various formats, fonts, color palette and style guide – and then sticking to it. Consistent branding is going to boost your brand recognition and enable the unique style of your biz to be recognized from a mile away.


Embrace visual marketing.

Wait – stop running! I swear, ‘marketing’ is not a scary word. Besides, marketing is essential to scaling your biz (which means bringing in more customers, cash and success #yas). The key is to not bundle it up into one big, terrifying visual marketing pile, but to break it down into smaller, do-able chunks. Your social media presence, biz cards, brochures and packaging all need to be thoughtfully designed and applied strategically so you can market your biz online & offline. Prioritize that and you’ll be off to a brilliant start!


Provide a killer website experience.

You know your website is your digital salesperson, right? So, let’s make sure you have the best digital salesperson in the world! You can do this by making it easy for your audience to access, interact and educate themselves on your brand, as well as get in touch and consume your content. Having a blog is super helpful … but I don’t need to tell you that. You, beautiful genius, are here because of a blog! (Because you’re clever like that.)


Collaborate with influencers.

Word of mouth referrals from reputable people really does matter when you want to increase your brand exposure. We trust what people we trust say … So when collaborating with influencers, check that they are aligned with your brand image, can reach your target market and are known for being trustworthy and honest.


Build a dream team.

And by the time you’ve done all of this … you’ll be EXHAUSTED because doing #allthethings all by yourself is a recipe for burnout. Getting your beauty brand to cult status is going to require hiring help from experts who can assist with all the things that are outside of your personal zone of genius to allow you to focus on what you love doing most.

And if brand design isn’t in your zone of genius, why not hire a pro to help out? I offer brand design and visual branding services for beauty brands with brains and can’t wait to meet you.

xo, Christina