How To Reach High End Clients on LinkedIn

How To Reach High End Clients on LinkedIn
This Guest Post Was Written By Francesca Ragucci

Thought that LinkedIn was just a place to find corporate employment with little benefits available to freelancers & the self-employed? Think again. LinkedIn can incredibly valuable to your business because you have instant connections with other professional that are there solely for business based intentions. This is an opportunity to thrive. LinkedIn has many features devoted to sharing your business service—articles, posts, video & more. Here are a few tips you can use to to gain visibility from your desired high-end clients.



Now that you know why a target audience is essential, it’s time to select your first audience group. Below are a list of characteristics to consider identifying:



Demographics are the criteria you use to describe a specific part of the population. Some example of demographics include:

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Income

  • Marital Status

  • Occupation/Industry

  • Educational Level



Narrow down your audience based on geography or location. Pick a neighborhood, city, province/state, or country. Make sure to specify via distance. For example, target customers within a 10-mile radius of your city. Or target customers within your city and the cities that surround it.



Psychographics are more attuned to the client's lifestyle, picture their ideal day or weekend. You may even live the same lifestyle as your client.

Use this methodology- Live, Work, Play, Travel, Dine, Relax



Content is the information you share about your business. For example, your purpose, services, background and client work are bits of information to use as LinkedIn content.

Let’s Focus on Presentation:

  1. Apply a professional headshot to your profile picture

  2. Use a story-driven image about your business as your Cover Photo

  3. Craft a Headline that will gain attention

  4. Include your ‘About Me’ and ‘Services’ in your Summary

  5. Use meaningful photography and video as your Summary links


Now we have the basics of your LinkedIn profile, your social proof down, let’s move to daily post information.

What will you post to reach your high-end client?

Here are a couple examples:

 Client Work

Share your most recent project on LinkedIn. Use the articles section to detail your process and results

 Your Why

Why did you start your business? Use this question as a foundation for informative content. All of your clients yearn to know how your passion found you and what discipline you take towards achievement.


YES! Let’s see you. Whether you client are in your city or across the nation, your client wants to see you interactive. That is what video has to offer. It is an easy way for you to share information. Plus, your client will be more confident to choose YOU!

Francesca Ragucci

Francesca Ragucci

I help established business owners garner relationships in a digital environment through distinct branding & meaningful content.