When To Ditch The DIY Route and Hire a Pro

When To Ditch The DIY Route and Hire a Pro for Your Brand

I’ll start this blog post by making it 100% clear that I am not a DIY hater and actually all for doing it yourself when it situationally makes sense to. Instances where the DIY route is probably best for your brand?

  • When you’re still very unsure about where you stand with your business.

  • When you have a professional background in design and know what the heck you're doing.

  • When you’re not all the way committed to or passionate about your brand.

  • When you could literally care less about having a presence that boosts your credibility and skyrockets your income.

If none of the above applies to your situation, you’re probably going to want to stay tuned for the rest of this post to find a scenario that does apply to you! Here goes... :) 

You’re Constantly Stressed From Trying to do all the things

Let’s face it—your time could be better spent than trying to figure out how to design your own website and/or marketing materials. As in, better spent doing things that you actually enjoy and have expertise in. As an entrepreneur, I know first hand how hard it can be to release the need to control every moving part of your business. Trust me when I say, there is a real power that comes with outsourcing behind the scenes tasks so you can continue focusing on what you do best. Not only do you allow yourself to get back to doing what you love most in your business, you can also rest easy knowing that your brand is in the hands of an expert and look forward to your biz being taken to new heights. Take my client, Christina over at Blushtan's, experience for instance:

“I was worried that it wouldn’t be worth the investment... since I know a bit about Illustrator and Photoshop, I usually try to DIY everything. Up until this point I had made it work (website, marketing collateral, logos, etc.) without having to hire/pay anyone, so obviously it hurt a bit to spend money on something I felt I could potentially do on my own. However, I was SO wrong...what Christina did, I definitely could not have done by myself! Everything was custom designed by Christina and it really shows—our brand looks so much more professional now!! She was 110% worth the investment and I will definitely not be DIYing our design anymore!!!”
— Christina Kauffman, owner of blushtan

Your aesthetic is not matching your intentions

More likely than not, you’re not a designer and shouldn’t be expected to think like one. When you don’t have the education or experience necessary to design with strategy—it can be easy to fall into a pattern where you’re only designing for yourself rather than your audience. If your website isn’t converting visitors into clients and your messaging is doing nothing but confusing your target audience, it’s time to take a step back and re-evaluate the foundation you’re building your brand upon. A brand built with intention, strategy, and authentically-driven aesthetics can quickly propel your business from broke to boomin’ when you bring in a pro.

“Since this was my first time hiring a designer I have to say receiving the finished work and having everything be so organized and not having to spend HOURS UPON HOURS trying to DIY everything, just to have it not be perfect was my favorite part of the experience! I’m so obsessed with how everything came out!! We have received so many compliments on how polished everything looks!”
— Christina Kauffman, Owner of Blushtan

You’re ready to up-level your presence from amateur to pro

I’m gonna be honest with you and say something you might not want to hear...it is ridiculously easy to differentiate a DIY logo from a professionally designed brand identity. Whether you struggle with feeling embarrassed about your DIY website that you know just isn’t up to par, or you’re constantly battling with people not taking you seriously because you made your logo in Microsoft Word (lol true story)—there comes a point in your business journey where you just know that you’re ready for more. Your business is ready to bloom and you’re ready to invest in a brand presence that you and your target market will fall head over heels in love with.

I get it. Investing can seem scary in the beginning stages—but that is often just a mindset that’s holding you back from your true potential. My clients have gone on to double and even triple their income after investing in a design experience with me—so while the fear of investing can be very real, the actual return that comes with making that leap from DIY to pro is a lot more realistic.

Are you beyond over the DIY shenanigans and ready to discuss your options when it comes to going pro and elevating your brand presence? Be sure to click here so we can get the conversation started!