ready to establish your presence on the web & go from amateur to pro in just a few weeks?

Let's be real, people are going to look at your website and judge you in an instant. Your website is the virtual home for your brand and should be treated as such. Remember, you have just a few seconds to capture the attention of your target audience and establish yourself as the industry expert you are and there comes a point where the DIY approach just won't fit your business model or help you continue to grow. As your web designer, I'm here to help hone in on your vision & craft the first virtual impression you leave upon your ideal audience. My platform of choice is Squarespace, because I believe in setting you up with a website that will be completely manageable on your own is just one of the many ways that I can empower your brand. 


the process

01. Discover

Who is your target audience? What is the purpose of your website? How will we convert your visitors into loyal clients or subscribers? We'll tackle all of these conundrums and then some during the discovery phase as we get to know the in's & out's of the vision for your website.

02. Design

Content is delivered and questionnaires have been completed. It's now time for me to start designing the website of your dreams. With your brand story in mind and a strategy in place for your content placement, I'll start with a mockup for you to review & approve before any development begins.

03. Develop

The development phase is where your website really starts to come to life. Although I work primarily on the Squarespace platform, the websites I create are always very custom and infused with custom design & CSS. You can look forward to kicking back & relaxing while I do all the heavy lifting to get your website in tip-top shape!

04. launch

Cue the confetti and pop the champagne—we have some major things to celebrate! All of our hard work has paid off and it's time to debut your new look. An average web design project lasts between 2-4 weeks so this virtual launch party will be more than well-deserved.