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Your businesses success begins with you.

Your brand should be every bit as unique as you are. I work side-by-side with multi-passionate business owners to help them build a brand around their authentic selves and a business rooted in their passions. From establishing a strategic creative direction for your brand identity, honing in on your unique value, defining your core audience, to developing an online presence that will convert your target audience into a loving community—my job is to empower your brand with the clarity & confidence that it truly deserves so you can launch & scale your business intentionally.

By Stina Faye

Meet Your Mentor

Christina Fowler — Intuitive Brand Coach & Creative Chameleon

I believe in manifesting dreams into reality, that building a biz is spiritual development in disguise, and that your brand should be just as boss as you are. I work one on one with multi-passionate business owners to craft brand experiences that radiate their personal essence and place them at the forefront of their ideal audience. I'm a firm believer that the most powerful brand identities are timeless, stylish, and should always be an authentic representation of the people behind them.

You are what makes your brand unique and you deserve to have clarity & distinction to set you apart from the rest. Ready to start that next chapter with me?


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