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Makeup By Tracy

"One of my biggest fears before hiring Christina was allowing someone else to fully understand my vision and make sure we were on the same page. Christina made a good point in gently saying that everything about my business, up until now, had been a DIY. And she was right! And I take a lot of pride in that! But Christina empowered that feeling and completely took the time to understand every little detail that I shared about the business that I created.

My favorite part was filling out the brand questionnaire before we even started. It really made me think about the little, tiny, microscopic details about my business, why I do it, and where I see it going. We sometimes get so wrapped up in what we do on a daily basis, that we often times lose sight of what our greater goals are. Christina asks the most detailed questions, and really allows you to be so creative!"

— Tracy O'Donnell, Makeup By Tracy