Why Your Beauty Business Needs A Website

Why Your Beauty Business Needs To Have A Website

With the majority of consumers in this day & age using the world wide web + social media to find businesses they'd like to give their money to, having a website is crucial to ensure your business is at the forefront of your target audience. Matter of fact, I was recently doing a search for local makeup artists on Instagram and was shocked at the amount of profiles I came across without a website. Simply put, a business with a website looks 100x more legit than anyone with an Instagram bio that says "DM me for booking!".  Your potential clients want easy access to your information and do not want to jump through hoops to get to it. To be real, most people don't even want to talk to you before deciding whether or not they'd like to invest in your business, so websites are essential for making that first impression as you funnel them into your services. While this article was inspired by a lack of websites that I've noticed in the beauty industry, these reasonings can be applied to just about any type of business. Need a bit more convincing? Keep reading for a breakdown of how a website can be a game changer for your beauty or service based business. 


To reach more clients

Plain & simple. While social media on it's own can expose your business to a wide range of clientele, having a website will push your reach even further. Think about all the times you've searched for something on Google, Yelp, Instagram, etc. Out of all those times, how many instances did you end up choosing a service based on the impression you got from their website? Probably countless times, right? To have the best mindset when strategizing your biz, you need to apply the same thought process you have as a consumer. Once you unlock the magical world of SEO (okay, maybe more strategy than actual magic), your website can and will reach more potential clients than your social media accounts ever will. Wondering what SEO is? Be sure to check out one of my recent guest posts for the inside scoop: How To Create SEO Rich Content


To set the tone for your client experience

Whether you're marketing a high-end experience or curating an approachable vibe for your brand, your website is the starting point that defines what your clients can expect from your business. With a website that's thoughtfully designed with your brand values + mission in mind, reaching your dream clients becomes that much easier as they get to know you & your business. Here are a few ways you can set the tone for your client experience with the help of your website: 

  • Give a sneak peek into your workspace, studio, or typical setup when working with a client. 

  • Display testimonials of happy clients you've worked with as a validation of the client experience you've created.

  • Showcase the work you're most proud of with image galleries. 

  • Humanize your brand with an About page to make yourself even more relatable. 

  • Position yourself as an industry expert with helpful blog posts or tutorials. 



To make it easier to understand your offerings

Tired of emailing the same list of services or answering the same questions via direct messages over & over again? A website will be the perfect host for your frequently asked questions and pricing guides. More often than not, when people are searching around for service-based businesses, they’re going to want to be able to compare pricing above all. Why not make it easier for your business to be the number one choice every time thanks to your clear & intentionally designed website?


Welp, there you have it friends—as if you needed any more reasons to stop procrastinating getting that website of yours up & running, here are a few more. If the DIY approach isn't your thing and you'd prefer to leave your website in the hands of a professional, please don't hesitate to reach out for a complimentary consultation on how we can work together!