Can Good Branding Really Increase Your Profits?

Can Good Branding Really Increase Profits?
The value of high-quality visual branding


It’s a no-brainer that having a website can increase your earning potential. Same with adding or expanding your product line. But when it comes to visual branding, the results aren’t quite as clear.

After all, it’s not like somebody sees your gorgeous shiny new logo and then immediately throws cash in your direction to thank you for your fresh style.

Nope. Never happens. (But if only it did, huh?)

So, does that mean that good visual branding can or can’t increase your earning potential?

(The suspense builds.)

(Tension creeps.)

(You wonder whether you left your curling iron on.)

(You remember it turns itself off automatically. #phew)

And the answer is …

Good visual branding CAN increase your earning potential!

And even if you can’t immediately see the cash money impact of refreshing your visual branding, it’s still influencing your sales directly and indirectly.

Let me explain.


Three ways good branding impacts your earning potential


Good branding makes your business look higher-end

Why is it important to be seen as high-end? Quite simply, positioning your brand as high-end means your business looks professional (rather than amateur hour), legit, and trustworthy.

All nice things, obviously, but even more so when you realize these qualities allow you to charge more for your products/services … with less pushback or side eyes from your customers.


Keep in mind too that a high-end presence does not necessarily mean you need to be over the top luxury, especially if that doesn’t feel authentic to the experience you want to create. You can be high-end and playful. High-end and sweet. High-end and youthful. The high-end bit just signifies that you are high-quality and your brand experience is elevated.


Good branding increases brand recognition

You know how you can recognize your favorite brand in the blink of an eye? Or those moments where you’re immediately drawn to a product, just because of the packaging? That’s usually because they have really, really good branding.

Good branding allows you to build a presence that is memorable and distinct, meaning your business stands out from the crowd without having to lift a finger.

Increased brand recognition also means enhanced perceived trustworthiness, making it easier for your customers to believe in you, your products and your brand. And when you have a tribe of believers, you have a tribe of buyers.


Good branding elevates the experience

If you’ve ever received a brochure from a high-end beauty label, you’ll know that it’s not just a piece of paper with product information on it—it’s an artistic, luxury experience.

The thick, luxury weight of the brochure. The softness of the paper. The artful elegance of the type. The eloquent artistry of the words. The decadent pictures evoking emotional reactions.

All of it works in harmony to ensure you flip through that brochure feeling like you’re being treated and cherished, rather than simply educated and sold-to.

That is experiential branding. That is good branding. And branding like that means your customers walk away having had an experience with you—one that they will remember and rave about for years to come.


Want some of this ‘good branding’ for yourself?

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xo, Christina