Signs you're ready to rebrand


It's more than common to have that moment of truth when you realize your brand just isn't working for you. Even as a designer, I go through phases where I know I've grown as a business and need an updated brand to match my growth—and thus a rebrand will follow. Rebranding is a really inspiring process, and when it's done right, it'll do wonders for booking your ideal clients. While DIYing can be fun and cost-effective, you might be cutting your biz short of the professional appearance it needs. Here are a few signs that prove you're ready to rebrand with a professional designer:


Your logo is one of the key elements that ignites the first impression your brand will have upon your audience. Whether yours is outdated, amateur, or just plain ugly—if you're not absolutely head over heels in love with it, it's probably time to rebrand. A great logo is designed to be timeless, tasteful, and an overall representation of the experience your brand offers. Ready to jump into a logo rebrand? Think of the personality traits that you want your business to have and use those adjectives to define the new look for your logo. 


A properly strategized brand should attract your dream clients to your biz like bees to honey. If your inbox is empty and your clients are lacking, there's a good chance that your brand could use a refresh. Start by defining your ideal client—what do they like, where do they shop, and who exactly are they? By answering those important questions, you'll be one step closer to curating a rebrand that will draw them in. 


Like your wardrobe, your brand should have a signature style that is unapologetically you. While following trends can feel right in the moment, it'll be harder to differentiate yourself from others with a similar aesthetic. By partnering with a brand stylist, you can create a brand that's strategically designed to be memorable and will separate you from your competition. From your color palette to your tagline—if your brand is lacking cohesion or direction, it's time to make a change.

Interested in taking the next steps towards a rebrand? Be sure to get in touch to schedule a complimentary consultation!