The Secret To Branding When You're Multi-Passionate


Being multi-talented, multi-passionate, multi-creative...whatever you want to call it—is a blessing, not a curse. So often people tell me that they really struggle with creating a brand that resonates with all of their ventures in life. They usually make it sound like it’s a bad thing, like they should be punished for being talented in so many different ways. 


news flash:

Being good at many things doesn't make you a mess, it makes you a masterpiece. A damn good one, too.


As someone who’s totally guilty of wanting to do #allthethings too—I get it! After years of soul searching & experimenting with my many passions, I've worked really hard to build a brand that's cohesive and aligned with my mission + values as a creative. 


so what's the secret sauce?

You need to build a personal brand FIRST,  make it an amazing experience, and the rest will fall into place. You can be good at a zillion things and have a wide range of offers—but there needs to be a common ground between it all. That common ground is YOU. 

The secret isn't so secret. It's probably something you knew all along but didn't feel quite ready to embrace as yet. You most likely had those moments where you battle yourself and wonder "who do I think I am? No one will understand me or why I do all the things that I do." 

guess what? that's just a story. and it only comes true if you allow it to. 

You are the commonality between your passions and can absolutely be the reason that people love your brand.

In modern times, people aren’t choosing their loyalty to brands based on aggressive sales tactics or weird marketing schemes—they’re seeking something much more genuine than that.

They’re looking for brand experiences that resonate with their lifestyle & real. human. contact & content. In other words, people need to care about + relate to you before they will even think about doing business with you. 

When I say "personal brand" I don't mean you need to name your business after yourself or plaster your face all over your collateral (unless you're into that kind of thing—then do you). You just need to ensure that your brand is based around a lifestyle instead of solely your services or products. Make sense? Cool. 


so, the secrets out. 

You can do all the things you love to do and build a damn good brand presence while you're at it too.


When you have a brand that truly feels like an extension of yourself and your beliefs, you'll know you're on the right track. Need a little extra help bringing it to fruition? You know where to find me ;)

xo, Christina