Why Squarespace Is The Best Platform


It's no secret that I'm a Squarespace fanatic. I started with Squarespace, put my clients on Squarespace, and go hard for #TeamSquarespace every single day. If you're a creative entrepreneur, small business owner, a blogger, or looking to start an online store—you're going to love the magic that can be made with this platform.  There are so many reasons why I love Squarespace and why I think you will too. If you need a bit of convincing, be sure to read on for my top reasons!


it looks damn good.

Point, blank, period. It's hard to create something that doesn't look gorgeous on the Squarespace platform. Each website starts with a template that you can pick from their robust template library and customize to your liking. You can count on the template options always being sleek, modern, and responsive for mobile & web use. If you're a fan of minimalism, you're going to be a fan of Squarespace aesthetics as well. 


it's user-friendly

One of the biggest selling points for the Squarespace platform is that you do not need to know a line of code to build your own website. Designing each page is as simple as dragging & dropping in your content as you please. Want to change your color palettes & font selections? HTML/CSS savviness need not apply.  Customization can be easily done with a click of a button within the Style Editor. Looking to start a blog or sell products + services online? You can get a blog and a site that's ready for e-commerce created within minutes. When designing websites for my clients, I cut the learning curve even shorter by creating personalized tutorial videos to teach them how to maintain their website on their own. If you're going the DIY route, you can try a similar approach by searching for Squarespace tutorials via YouTube to better familiarize yourself with the platform. 


it's versatile

It's become my new life mission to break down the misconception that Squarespace is "restrictive" along with the myth that you'll be stuck with the capabilities of the template you choose. Of course, when you're looking to create a website that goes above & beyond the basics of a DIY approach, that's where I come in to customize & code your website to your liking. But if completely custom design just isn't in the budget as yet, you'll still have the capabilities to create a website that's unique to your personal preference. Or better yet—you can grab a pre-styled site design for that custom look without the custom price tag (coming soon!) 


it's affordable

With pricing starting at $12 per month, working the cost of your website into your business budget can be completely manageable and budget-friendly. Here's a pro-tip that I recommend to all of my clients—save even more cash by buying your domain through an outside source, like NameCheap or Google Domains. Squarespace does offer a "free" domain for the first year of annual plans, but charge $20+ for your domain each year after, which is way more than you need to spend yearly on a domain. You'll save more money in the long-run by securing it on your own. Even better news, when you work with me on a brand new site, I can help you save 20% off of your first year on Squarespace since I'm a Squarespace Circle member! 


it's low maintenance 

One major reason that I choose Squarespace for myself & my clients is the simple fact that it's completely low maintenance. Aside from making sure your bill is taken care of and your content is updated as needed, you don't need to worry about anything else. No need to maintain plug-ins, worry about someone hacking your website, or running out of bandwidth. The Squarespace experience is definitely all-inclusive, meaning your hosting, domain, and content can all be managed within one space—your dashboard. I don't know about you guys, but I'm all for anything that makes running a business or blog feel a bit easier!