Welcome To The Dollhouse: Great Room Edition

Welcome To The Dollhouse The Great Room

As many of you already know, I recently made my very first home purchase earlier this spring! It's an adorable tudor-style home that was built in 1929 and completely renovated just last year. I couldn't resist naming it The Dollhouse after I fell in love with it at first sight. With 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a little over 1000 sq ft—it's quaint, cute, modern, and so perfect for me and my little family! Getting my decor together has certainly been a process and I'd say I'm about 75% finished overall. Of course, I could hardly wait to share so I thought I'd give you all a peek at my progress so far along with links for you to purchase any pieces that you love as much as I do.

The "great room" (as it was named in our floor plan) is pretty much a conglomerate of a petite entry way + living area, that also leads into an open kitchen space. We didn't quite have the space for a dining room, so we converted one of the bedrooms into exactly that (I'll have to save that space for another post!). I am obsessed with gold to the point that silver almost disgusts me at times (lol), so I had to incorporate gold accents as often as I could. The front door opens to an entry space that features a marble shelf with gold hinges, a few of my favorite crystals, and highlights a circular gold mirror that was truly a steal at Target (all linked below). 

The living area was the perfect size for a neutral couch that I've had for a few years now. I purchased it second-hand so I'm not sure where it's from and will probably be replacing it sooner than later. My marble coffee + end table are probably my favorite pieces within this space—the marble isn't sealed so using coasters on it is an absolute must. The gold lamp is from Ikea and so is my cute little pink potted plant, we'll call him Spike. I really wanted to keep this room a good mix of cool neutrals so I maintained a taupe + gray theme throughout the space to really make my gold accents stand out. 

gold, gold, neutrals, and more gold. 


I've dreamed of having marble counters forever (Instagram counters as my biz besties & I call them) and I'm so happy that I ended up in a home with exactly that. The counter space can be limited at times, but it's perfect for sharing meals with my fiancé and guests that stop by. If I could have all gold appliances I totally would, but the stainless steel will do for now and actually looks awesome mixed with my gold decor. You'll notice there's no real theme of gold throughout this space and I certainly don't discriminate, from rose gold to copper to yellow gold, all tones are welcome here. People are always so shocked to see that I even have gold utensils and a knife set, but really...how could I not? 

the kitchen area, where the magic happens. 

I hope you've enjoyed this quick tour of my space and find some goodies linked below if you're interested in anything! Mi casa es su casa and I'm so happy to share. I can't wait to show you all a glimpse into my office next!