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An intuitive approach for conscious creators.


the voice of reason for awakening entrepreneurs.

Let’s face it, starting a business and stepping into entrepreneurship is a spiritual awakening in disguise. The good news is that you don't have to navigate it alone. I work with heart-centered women to embody their most authentic forms of self-love & self-expression so they can ease into feminine flow and embody the spirit-led lifestyle their soul has been craving.
By Stina Faye

Behind the brand

Christina Fowler — intuitive mentor & flower essence fairy

I believe in the power that comes with breaking societal norms, that mornings are for meditating, and that energy is everything.

I work with a multitude of realms to channel consciousness & guidance to help awakening entrepreneurs heal their unresolved traumas, activate their most authentic selves, and find deep-rooted clarity in their life purpose.

Trust me darling, your intuition led you here. From 1:1 mentorship to hand-crafted flower essences, there are so many ways to open yourself up to receiving the divine support you desire. Ready to explore the endless possibilties the universe is eager to offer you with me?


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