Hi, I'm Christina.

I’m a brand coach & consultant that helps multi-passionate women become the reason people love their brand.

I work with women that dare to dream big. They see the bigger picture, they are passionate about all the ways they can change the world with their skills, and they’re ready to raise the vibration of the planet just by being themselves. My start into online entrepreneurship began when I launched my very first biz in 2011 — High Standards, a wildly popular online boutique that sold trendy, hand-customized, cut-off shorts.

In the 4 years that I ran my first business, I learned a lot and got a taste for online entrepreneurship that I never wanted to let go of. In 2016, I launched By Stina Faye as a boutique brand & web design studio where I helped over 50 women build beautiful brands & online empires that aligned them with the big dreams they had for their businesses. Fast forward to present day, I now coach women to find clarity & direction in their passions and help them infuse themselves into their brands. It’s safe to say it’s been a wild ride!

As a multi-passionate soul, I’ve had the opportunity to explore my passions and make a living doing what I love through the art of being & sharing my authentic self with the online world. My personal mission is to empower women with the mindset, tools, and creative direction they truly need to build a brand around themselves, a business that aligns with their passions, and an online presence that radiates their authenticity.

When I’m not in the office, you can find me in my garden or cuddled on the couch with my fiancé—probably bingeing the latest Netflix series. As a Sacramento Loyalist & self-proclaimed foodie, wining & dining in downtown Sacramento (the farm to fork capital of America) is also on my list of favorite things. I’m constantly inspired by my craving for new experiences. Whether it’s something as simple as trying a new recipe I found on Pinterest, or traveling to a place I’ve never been before—the art of the unknown is where I find my thrills. 


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