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Self-made success for the
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Ready to create YOUR DREAM BRAND & website?

Beautifully Branded is an e-course for passion-fueled businesses that are ready to DIY a personal, professional and profitable visual presence.

get ready to explore the
branding experience made just for you.

Beautifully Branded

you need recognition

Because you love what you do. Even better, you’re amazing at it. You just wish that your online presence was captivating enough to allow others (aka your dream clients) to see it too.


But as a new business owner,

you find yourself struggling with two opposing “b” words:

Branding and budget.

You know that to grow your business and succeed, you need a professional and captivating brand that’ll showcase your assets. But to go pro, you feel like you have to hire a pro.

And when the choice is between spending money you don’t have, risking it all on the Fiverr roulette, or trying your hand at DIY, you can’t help but feel like your business is doomed to a life in the shadows.


Especially since going the DIY route can mean:

→ Experimenting with different styles to find one that works with you … and realizing that nothing feels quite right, and worse, the constant changes just make your business looks inconsistent and unprofessional. (Ugh.)

→ Grappling with technology you don’t quite understand (and that seems to become more complicated and complex by the minute).

→ Wasting precious hours trying to figure it out on your own, when you know that every second you lose is time you could have spent growing your business.


Don’t panic. DIY doesn’t have to mean it’s amateur hour at the branding bar. Nor does it mean you have to compromise the quality and success of your brand.

Done right, DIY can be the best thing you’ve ever done for the beginnings of your business.

Meet Beautifully Branded.

Beautifully Branded is an online e-course especially for up & coming entrepreneurs that are ready to stand out with an authentic (and awesome) brand and website.

It’s your digital strategy, brand accelerator and clarity provoker all in one seamless online journey—giving you everything you need to align your brand with your beautiful business.

Hi, I’m Christina

I’m a Brand Stylist & Web Designer with a passion for helping beauty and wellness pros find and embrace their own authentic brand style.

I created beautifully branded because
I noticed a worrying pattern:

Passionate start-ups and aspiring business owners with incredible offerings that couldn’t get their businesses off the ground...

...because their lackluster brand was keeping them stuck and trapped.

Their vision was magic, their offering was divine, but their visual brand and website was repelling their dream clients faster than they could attract them to their digital doors.

At By Stina Faye, I work one-on-one with established beauty and wellness businesses to craft strategically designed brand experiences.

But with Beautifully Branded I’m able to empower newer businesses with the same guidance to elevate their brand presence by teaching them pro-approved, step-by-step and repeatable processes that take the confusion, stress and frustration out of DIYing their brand.

Because a purposeful and profitable brand is so much deeper than just a pretty logo.

& being handed a logo and style guide to use will mean nothing if you’re not tapped into your story, audience and long-term vision for your biz.

Which is the kind of work that can’t be done for you. It’s the kind of work that you have to do for yourself. But guess, what? You don’t have to go it alone.


Who better to create a brand that feels like you...than you?



beautifully branded is absolutely perfect for:

→ Start-ups, professionals and entrepreneurs in their first two years of business.

→ Individuals in the beauty and wellness industry that are passionate about their craft and want to make a living doing what they love.

→ DIY dreamers who aren’t afraid to dig in deep to build a beautiful brand.

By the end of your Beautifully Branded journey,

you’ll have:

Gained deep clarity in your story and purpose. So many brands and businesses miss this step and as a result lack depth (the missing ingredient for an irresistible business!)

Identified your target audience. A business without a clear audience is a business without a clear purpose. By getting clear on your target audience, you’ll have the information you need to connect and captivate.

Created your brand statement & tagline. This is the foundation of your messaging and communications. Getting it right means fueling your results—and your success!

Established a strong visual brand identity (complete with a consistent brand style, including fonts, colors and aligned imagery) that feels like an authentic reflection of you and positions you as an industry leader across all platforms.

Set purposeful intentions for your brand and biz. It’s about more than goal-setting; it’s about learning a tried-and-tested method for transforming your dreams into reality.

Have created a fully-designed and ready-to-launch website that captivates and converts. Best of all, it’ll look professional and feel like you, all while connecting with your dream clients and positioning you as inspirational powerhouse.

Have everything you need to market your business online and offline. You’ll learn the secret to creating consistently compelling content that resonates with your audiences and gives them a reason to keep coming back for more.


Here's what you'll receive:

✓ Three modules of easy-to-digest content, complete with actionable workbooks, guides and video content, that walks you through the exact processes I take to build beautiful brands.

✓ Ongoing mentorship within in our online community where you can ask questions + share your progress with myself as well as other like-minded beauty & wellness bosses that are taking the course.

✓ Instant, lifetime access to Beautifully Branded, so you can get started right away and always revisit the course content + community as your brand & business continues to evolve.


The Journey


A compelling and cohesive brand begins with a strong story. Let’s write yours.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Identify your audience and pinpoint your positioning as an expert in your industry.
  • Create a brand statement & tagline to build connections with your target audience.
  • Uncover your unique brand story and unlock your business purpose.


Put your strategic foundation to good use by establishing your brand identity and creating a beautiful brand aesthetic.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Create a mood board for your dream brand.
  • Learn the different paths you can take to get a modern and authentic logo for your business, no matter your budget.
  • Build a style guide complete with color palette, fonts and photo styles.


It’s go time! Create a fully-designed professional-looking website that feels like “you”, speaks to your dream client, and appeals to your target audience

In this module, you’ll:

  • Learn how to craft web copy that converts, with my signature copywriting and content framework.
  • Create your website on Squarespace. From choosing a theme through to adding your content and applying your brand style, you’ll walk away with a ready-to-launch site you’ll love.
  • Learn the basics of SEO to get your business and website seen by your dream clients.

the investment


I’m a prepaid kinda gal.

one payment of $597

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4 monthly payments of $197

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Don’t just take my word for it.


frequently asked questions

Something on your mind? Let’s see if I can help.

I already have a logo, will this course still be beneficial for me?

Absolutely! This course is centered on tapping into your story, target audience, and big picture visions to ensure you have a well-rounded brand presence that’s fueled with intention. You’ll find that the groundwork you uncover during Beautifully Branded will prove how well your logo is actually working for your brand & the goals you have for your business. You'll also learn my signature processes to ensure you have an easy to maintain website that authentically reflects your brand style, effortlessly communicates your message, and instantly boosts your presence from amateur to pro.

Will you show me how to design a logo?

No—since this is a course for beauty & wellness professionals, teaching you how to be a graphic designer rather than sticking to your personal zone of genius would be counter-productive :) Instead, I’m going to walk you through the tried & true pathways I've picked up while bootstrapping brands over the past decade to ensure you have a logo that you not only love, but feels aligned with your brand—no matter your budget.

I’m not in the beauty + wellness industry, can I still join Beautifully Branded?

Definitely. While the course content is geared especially for beauty & wellness pro’s, you’ll find that the core guidelines can be applied to just about any business looking to build a powerfully aligned brand and online presence.

What is the time committment for Beautifully Branded?

It’s my primary intention to make this an experience that you’re able to work through at your own pace while still having accountability along the way. I recommend anticipating a minimum of 3-6 weeks to work through all of the modules

How is Beautifully Branded delivered and what happens when I enroll?

Beautifully Branded is an intentional combination of workbooks, guides, and videos all available for you to easily accoess online. As soon as you’re officially enrolled you’ll receive instant access to to all 3 modules via the e-mail you sign up with.

Do I need anything to get started?

To start, all you need is an open mind and willingness to fully commit yourself to the big picture visions you have for you brand and your business! You also should have access to a computer so you can easily download the course materials and build your own website.

What platform will I learn to build my website on?

The Beautfifully Branded course will teach you how to create your very own website on the same platform that I use and put most of my clients on—Squarespace.

I’m a firm believer in the power that comes with being able to easily create & update your own content for your website. You’ll love Squarespace for it’s ease of use, drag & drop functionality, and modern user experience. Because I’m an Authorized Trainer with Squarespace, you’ll also receive 20% off of your first year on the platform as a thank you for joining the Beautifully Branded course.

What happens if I get stuck?

One of the most important take-aways from this course is that you don’t have to go it alone when it comes to building your brand. You’ll have complete support from myself, my team, and other students who are enrolled in the course directly via our exclusive online community.

I have another question.

No problem! You can reach out to me directly at and I’ll get back to you as soon as I humanly can! :)


Ready to become Beautifully Branded?

It’s time to finally start gaining the recognition you deserve. Let’s face it, your business simply cannot wait another day of you trying to figure your brand presence out on your own.

I’m so looking forward to guiding this journey for you!