Beautifully Branded.

the spiritual approach to branding you've been seeking

Imagine a life like this...

✨ You radiate your authenticity by sharing your unique view of the world + your talents with an audience that vibes on the same wavelength as you. You do this in a way that transforms your lifestyle into a brand that people want to be a part of.

✨ You have deep rooted clarity in your calling, confidence in your presence, and feel like you’ve found purpose in your passions. You're fully aligned with a brand that feels like an extension of you, your beliefs, and allows you to stand out from the online crowd + receive the recognition you deserve.

✨ You get to leverage your time and freedom through the powerful presence of your online business. You support yourself and your loved ones by doing what you love and being your authentic self every single day.


sounds pretty damn dreamy, doesn’t it?

Well guess what, that dream is my reality. I’m going to show you how it can be yours, too.

Meet Beautifully Branded.

Beautifully Branded is a digital course designed to help you communicate with clarity and create a powerful brand around YOU.

You can look forward to 5 expansive portals to explore depths of your brand you haven't ventured before, align your business with your most authentic self, find clarity in your direction and create the brand you were always destined to manifest.

It’s your heart expander, brand activator and clarity provoker all in one seamless online journey—giving you everything you need to align your brand with your beautiful business.

Hi, I’m Christina

I help awakening entrepreneurs remember their authentic selves & activate their most powerful forms of self-expression.

I created beautifully branded because I've been exactly where you are before.

I've been an online business owner for the last decade. In the past few years I've helped women build powerful online empires by enabling them with the awareness, confidence, and direction they need to communicate their visions—visually, verbally, and authentically.

I know what it’s like to start from square one. Through all my years of showing up & sharing my skills online, I've experienced the inevitable self-doubt, falling victim to the comparison game, getting distracted easily by my many passions, and never feeling satisfied with my brand.

It wasn’t until I got serious about digging deep into the why behind everything that I do that I was able to communicate with confidence, align with my soulmate clients, and establish a powerful brand presence that allows me to live the freedom based life I’ve always dreamed of.


I'm passionate about aligning ambitious women with their purpose and empowering them with confidence in their identity.

I’m here to guide you with the spiritual mindset & tools you need to build powerful a online presence that allow you to serve more, inspire more, and earn more.


Consider this your authenticity activator and mindful marketing container all in one.

Here's what you can look forward to in
Beautifully Branded:

✓ Five powerful portals. Each portal takes you a journey to explore the pillars of your brand. Including guided visualizations, workbooks, and videos that ask all the right questions & encourage you to go deeper to find the truths you seek.

✓ 3 LIVE mentorship calls where you’ll receive customized coaching and accountability throughout your journey.

✓ A private online community. Where you’ll be able to receive customized feedback from me, connect with your new brand besties, and celebrate the progress of everything you’re creating + manifesting for your brand.

We focus on what really matters, the necessary inner work to build your brand presence with intention.



beautifully branded is absolutely perfect for you if…

→ You're ready to gain confidence in your online presence by creating a personalized brand that connects you with your soulmate clients, radiates your authenticity, and empowers your ability to make a living doing what you love.

→ You want to create influence, impact, and abundance through conscious content that effortlessly communicates your vision & your voice.

→ You're into the woo and down with the idea of blending soulful spirituality with practical strategy with to create a totally aligned brand & biz and raise the vibration of the planet.


The Journey

Portal 1: Your Story

A conscious and compelling brand begins with a strong story. Let’s write yours.

In this portal, you’ll:

  • Alchemize the essence of you to create a solid foundation for how others experience your brand.
  • Tap into your past, present, and future so you can communicate your brand story with ease and unlock the power of intentional branding.
  • Receive clarity in your big picture vision and newfound confidence in your direction.

It's time to get in alignment with who you’re meant to serve and how to create a mind - body - soul connection with your soulmate clients.

In this portal, you’ll:

  • Dive deep into the energetics of finding your tribe and getting clear about who your soulmate client really is inside & out.
  • Identify every opportunity you have to stand out with confidence in your industry & with like-soul clients.
  • Learn how to get into the mind, heart, & soul of your audience so you can always effortlessly connect with them.

Now that you've done the inner work to build your brand's foundation, it's time to focus on the outer work that will spark your attraction!

In this portal, you’ll:

  • Activate your signature brand style in a way that aligns with your audience, feels authentic to you, and allows you to create a powerful presence.
  • Discover how to plan & create your visuals in a way that captivates and turns your lifestyle into a brand that people want to be a part of.
  • Get clear on what you really need to develop a brand identity that empowers your business & makes marketing feel fun!

Your brand needs a powerful voice to communicate your message & radiate your truth. This module is all about embodying what it takes to create conscious content that commands attention.

In this portal, you’ll:

  • Release the fear of being seen, heard, and visible so you can consistently share your truth.
  • Open up your channel to receiving soul-tingling messages from the divine to communicate within your content & connect you with your soulmate clients.
  • Find confidence in your messaging & clarity in how you’ll communicate your story + your offers effortlessly online.

It’s go time! During our final portal, you'll master the art of creating an online presence that feels like “you”, magnifies the reach of your brand, and speaks to your soulmate clients.

In this portal, you’ll:

  • Craft website content that allows you to alchemize your communications & convert soulmate clients with confidence.
  • Create an online experience that effortlessly translates your brand identity and has the power to convert your visitors into paying clients.
  • Find out how to continuously maintain momentum with the powerful online presence you’ve created.

frequently asked questions

Something on your mind? Let’s see how I can help.

What happens after I apply?

Once your application is received, I will personally review it and make sure you'll be a fabulous fit for this program. Then we will set up a time to chat via phone to connect & answer any questions you may have. Once enrolled, you'll receive access to the first Beautifully Branded Portal on September 1st. Content for each portal will then be rolled out on a weekly basis.

How long will I have access to the course content?

FOR-EV-ER. Once you're in, you're in.

I already have a logo & website, will this program benefit me?

Yes! Since you already have a logo & website and are still curious about this program, you're probably well aware that it takes more than that to shine online :) This program is a blend of slef-discovery & brand development. It isn't just your logo or website that creates your online presence, it's the way you show up for your brand that does. This program is heavily centered on doing the deeper inner-work to align your brand presence with your big visions.

What is the time committment for Beautifully Branded?

Beautifully Branded is a 6 week journey. It's recommended to set aside 1-3 hours weekly to dedicate to spending time in each portal.

Is this a live program?

Yes and no. This is a digital journey containing pre-recorded content along with 3 LIVE group mentorship calls + intimate support in our online community.

I have another question.

No problem! You can reach out to me directly at and I’ll get back to you as soon as I humanly can! :)


A word from Beautifully Branded Alumni...


the next round begins september 1st 2019

This is where self-awareness & brand development collides. Feeling called?

Still questioning if you're ready to become Beautifully Branded?

The truth is…awakening entrepreneurs are here to change the world. We see the bigger picture. We solve a multitude of problems. We raise the vibration of the planet just by being ourselves.

Creating a presence for your business that effortlessly communicates all of the above doesn’t have to feel like a cookie cutter strategy and you certainly don’t have to go it alone.

I’m here with arms wide open to help co-create your beautiful brand with you.

Are you ready to start this journey with me?