What The Brand Experience Covers:


Brand Discovery

What makes you, you? Who is your target audience? How should you craft your tagline? What are your brand & business goals? How will we define your brand voice & style? We'll tackle all of these conundrums and then some during the discovery phase as we get to know the in's & out's of your grand supreme dream for your brand experience. Once we discover the why and establish your intentions, we can conquer your style and set the tone for your project.



brand identity

Your brand goes so much deeper than your logo and your visual identity will prove that. From a custom color palette to suit your style to unique font pairings to increase your consistency—your brand identity will be as cohesive as it is strategic. Not only will you be equipped with a complete logo suite to help you flaunt your brand in various formats, you’ll also be set up with a Brand Style Guide to ensure you understand how to apply the many facets of your new brand identity appropriately.



visual marketing & social media

Now that your visual identity has been established, it's time to really start bringing your brand experience to life. We'll spend this time ensuring your bases are covered when it comes to marketing your business online & offline. From tangible marketing pieces of your choice (think business cards, pricing menus, packaging designs, or whatever you can dream of) to strategizing a social media aesthetic to allure your audience and ensure your brand becomes #instagoals. Your presence as an industry expert will be formed on a truly holistic level.



web design & development

Your website is the virtual home for your brand and should be treated as such. You have just a few seconds to capture the attention of your target audience and resonate the unique value you have to offer the world. We’ll start with your content strategy, refine your copy so it speaks directly to your tribe, and build the website of your dreams. Your website will be built on a user-friendly platform that you can easily maintain yourself—because I believe that setting you up with a website that will be completely manageable on your own is just one of the many ways that I can help empower your brand.