The Freedom Collective

The Freedom Collective


When you join The Freedom Collective, you’ll receive…

✨ Your very own Freedom Essence, blended & blessed by Stina Faye, delivered straight to your doorstep.

✨A guided attunement ceremony to connect you with the plant spirit we’re working with & attune you to the energetic vibration of your flower essence.

✨Daily heart-centered exploration prompts for you to think on, journal on, or simply sit with — delivered to your inbox every single day for 30 days.

✨Weekly lives with Stina Faye to receive channeled messages for the collective & support in your journey.

✨A private online community for you to connect, share, and feel into the vibration of freedom with Stina Faye and all those who feel called to join you.

Once enrolled, you’ll receive an email detailing your next steps, what to expect, and your very own flower essence shipped straight to your doorstep before our start date.

For more details on The Freedom Collective, please click here.

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