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project overview

1 - Discovery Phase Part 1: Homework

Creative Brief and Content Creation | Pre-Project
The first part of the project is all about getting to know your business while aligning visions for your brand. The foundation and base of the project is done here!

  • Client to complete any questionnaires sent by designer prior to scheduled start date.
  • Client to send all content for website (text + images) to designer via Dropbox prior to scheduled start date.

1 - Discovery Phase Part 2: Design

Creative Brief and Content Creation | Week 1

  • Creative brief & mood board done by designer
  • Content creation by client for website

2 - Logo Design Phase

Brand Design and Refine | Week 2
We've plotted, we've planned, and now it's time for me to really get to work! During this phase, I'll start bringing your brand to life.

  • Primary logo to be optimized & submark logo to be developed by designer
  • Client feedback on any needed refinements
  • Brand Identity is finalized by client & designer.

3 - Web Design Phase

Squarespace Implementation | Week 3-5

It's time to start creating your new home on Squarespace! By this time, all of your content should be ready & uploaded to your Dropbox.

  • Website mockups by designer + client feedback & approval
  • Create live site
  • Blog setup + signature by designer
  • Mobile optimization edits to be done by designer
  • Website reviewed, approved, and finalized by client & designer
  • Launch!