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A 30% non-refundable deposit will be due prior to starting your project to reserve your space in my client schedule. You have the option to pay your balance in full on your start date or to create a payment plan that will be split into 2 additional payments.

+ What is the difference between a primary, secondary, and submark logo design?

Great question! Here's a quick breakdown to help you differentiate these logo types:

Primary Logo: Your primary logo is the main symbol for your company, business or personal brand. It can be used on your website, social marketing, stationery, etc. and will be the most commonly used logo within your suite.

Secondary Logo: The secondary logo is another version of your main logo, with some slight differences to suit various formats. For example, if your primary is in a horizontal format, you'll also want to have a secondary variation in a vertical format to suit different layouts.

Submark Logo: The submark is another element generally pulled from your primary logo. It can feature your initials, an icon, or any other condensed variation of your logo for smaller spaces. Submarks are most commonly used on social media, marketing materials, and stationery.

+ how long will my project take to complete?

Branding projects can range between 2-4 weeks, while branding + web average a 4-6 week timeline.

+ what should i have prepared before starting a project with you?

To start, all you need is an open mind and a solid vision for the brand you'd like me to create. Feeling like your thought process is all over the place? No worries, we'll narrow down a path that's right for you during the discovery phase.

*For web design & collateral designs, all of your text, photos, blog posts, and product details should be prepared before your start date. Need help securing a copywriter or photography? I'll be happy to pass along recommendations.

+ will i be able to maintain my website on my own after you design it?

That's the plan and the exact reason that I choose to put my clients on the Squarespace platform! Once our web design project is wrapped up, I'll equip you with 2 weeks of post-launch support & personalized training videos on how to maintain your Squarespace site on your own.

+ are domain & hosting fees included in my package?

No, they are not. Squarespace has some awesome monthly & annual plans for you to consider that will include your domain & your hosting. Another bonus to working with me? If you're creating a new Squarespace site, I'll help you get 20% off of your first year.


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