3 Months of Intuitive & Practical Guidance

1:1 mentorship with stina faye


it’s time for you to become fully expressed.

This 1:1 container is a sacred space for you devote time, love, and energy to your self-discovery journey, to allow yourself to receive support, and to become fully aligned in your life & business.

who is this 1:1 experience for?

This container was created for someone exactly like you. I work exclusively with women entrepreneurs that are ready to feel connected to self so they can fully step into their purpose.


i know what you need because i’ve been exactly where you are before.

You’re multi-passionate and have been dreaming of the day that you can infuse every essence of YOU into your life, brand, and business but have no idea how to channel this confidently or clearly.

You feel like you’ve been hustling your entire life but somehow still find yourself going into circles. You’re ready to see what a life of ease, flow, and alignment can do for your state of being.

You’re a heart-centered entrepreneur and feel empowered by your business, you just need a bit of guidance & support to clarify your direction and release the mind-drama that blocks you from your blessings.

You’re on the brink of an awakening and in need of a spiritual soundboard to support your journey into personal & business development. Basically, shit has been getting weird — you know its all for a divine reason but would love confirmation that you’re not going crazy + support on how to keep your energy in check.

You want to scream how amazing your business is from the rooftops but feel resistance when it comes down to actually doing it. You’re ready to learn the art of mindfully marketing yourself in a way that feels abundant, authentic, and totally freeing.

✨You’re tired of trying to figure everything out on your own and beyond ready to collapse time by working intimately with a spiritual mentor that feels like a friend, knows her shit when it comes to biz - branding - marketing, and understands you on a soul-level.

You’re down with the woo and excited by the idea of blending soul-work with strategy. Our time spent together will be balanced between strengthening your intuition and embracing the inner & outer work it takes to get you where you want to be.


You're in alignment with this program if:

✨ You’re an entrepreneur centered in your creative expression. i.e. creatives, coaches, beauty/wellness professionals, etc. You see & spread beauty + light through your craft 24/7.

✨ You're ready to step forward as the face of your business by infusing your heart & soul into your presence.

✨ You invest in yourself because you believe in yourself. It feels like the right time to invest in your business because you’re 100% ready to step into your next level and expand.

✨ You’re committed to your big vision & highly engaged, meaning you’re ready to make the time + do the work it takes to get where you want to be.



What my clients are saying


feeling called? Here's what I can promise:

3 months of continuous support in a sacred container completely customized for your unique needs. You’ll receive on-going mentorship via 4 private calls per month (12 total) and unlimited e-mail & Voxer support between sessions.

your 1:1 experience may include…

  • Spiritual coaching to enrich your life, business, and brand

  • Instant access to the Beautifully Branded course content

  • Guided meditations & visualizations channeled especially for your unique needs

  • Customized oracle card & energy readings

  • Custom blended flower essences for emotional & spiritual healing

  • Intuitive marketing strategies & channeled guidance to support your next steps.

  • Content creation assistance & brand consulting

  • Recommendations for your own spiritual practices & rituals