Surrender Essence

Surrender Essence


Every conscious creators best friend — The Surrender Essence was created to support your ability to become a clear channel for divine love & wisdom straight from Source. This essence calls you to enter a state of surrender in order to tap into your greatest potential. Allow it to calm your ego, clear your consciousness, and channel the big vision you were born to create.

this blend includes…


supports mental clarity, creating firm boundaries to protect your energy, releases attachments blocking your ability to think, speak, and channel clearly.

White Rose:

heart opening, creates a connection with your Highest Self and the angelic realm, supports deep healing from trauma blocking ability to move forward.


strengthens connection to the divine feminine within you, enhances sensuality, creativity, and passion, supports clearing of blockages in upper chakras

Dosage suggestions: Take orally by dropping 3-5 drops on/under tongue or added to your drink of choice 3x daily.

Ingredients: Mt. Shasta spring water (Aqua), Lantana camara (Lantana) flower essence, Rosa (Rose) flower essence, Phalaenopsis Aphrodite (Orchid) flower essence, and ~20% honey-infused brandy.

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