Dream Work Essence

Dream Work Essence


Your journey doesn’t have to be put on pause when you go to sleep. For those feeling the calling to continue the work in your dream state, this is the essence for you! The Dream Work essence lives up to its name by enhancing & protecting your dream experiences through vivid & lucid dreams. When taken before bedtime, this essence will support your ability to recall & remember your dreams in your waking state. Expect the unexpected, when used with intention this essence has been known to induce psychic visions/premonitions, the ability to connect with the spirit realm, and receiving clarity needed to move forward.

this blend includes…


allows greater awareness of dreams, enhances multi-dimensional consciousness, supports psychic gifts.


boosts inner-strength & endurance, overcoming anxiety, psychic protection from nightmares.


calms the overactive mind, soothes insomnia, induces meditative state, balances unconditional self-love.

Dosage suggestions: Take orally by dropping 3-5 drops on/under tongue or added to your drink of choice before bedtime.

Ingredients: Mt. Shasta spring water (Aqua), Artemisia vulgaris (Mugwort) flower essence, Solanum lycopersicum (Tomato) flower essence, Lavendula (Lavender) flower essence, and ~20% honey-infused brandy.

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