How To Manifest With The Earth


I’m gonna be real with you, I have not always been an “outdoorsy” type. I spent a good majority of my adult life side-eyeing the idea of camping outside, freaking out over bugs, and “ew”-ing the idea of getting dirty.

So the notion of being able to actually build a bond with nature to the point where I could not only enjoy it, but actually manifest with it too?! I get how that can sound like a far away fantasy. But this year something major shifted...and I quickly went from being Miss Prissy to your friendly outdoor loving forest fairy. Keep reading to find out how my connection with the Earth has helped me manifest faster than ever and how it can help you too!

Create An Offering

manifestation tip #1

Create an offering.

Mother Earth gives to us daily. She provides water, food, land, and is constantly sacrificing herself for the well-being of humanity. When you’d like to work with the Earth on a more intentional level, the least you can do is show up with a gift of gratitude first.

The first time I went to Mount Shasta, my soul sisters encouraged me to leave an offering of crystals in the forest along with a wish. I’d never manifested with nature before but I was eager to try. I found a tree that stood out to me, placed my third eye upon it to connect with it, and instantly knew yes, this is the one.

My wish was a bit different than what I typically try to manifest. I didn’t ask for money or materialistic things. I bowed to the tree, put a heart shaped rose quartz crystal before it, and asked for one simple thing.

“I want to feel free so I can show other women how to do the same.”

The magic we conjured in Mount Shasta lingered during our drive home. We certainly felt giddy and free, riding out the wave of high vibes we experienced in that forest.

We saw dragon shaped clouds and double rainbows on the way home. But the most magical thing happened when I was checking in on the notifications I’d missed during our retreat. It was from a client who was experiencing a sudden epiphany from one of my programs. She was realizing things about herself she never felt safe to embody before. She was buzzing with excitement & gratitude and I was emotional just from tuning into her energy. Then she proclaimed these exact words…

“Christina...I finally feel free.”

I was shocked. It was the fastest I’d ever seen something I desired manifest before. Now I always try to be mindful enough to offer something to the Earth when I know I’m going to be immersed in nature.

Keep in mind, that your offering to the Earth doesn’t have to be anything physical (like a crystal). It could be a song you sing, a poem you wrote, a dance you channel, or even just a prayer. The act of offering isn’t so much about giving & receiving, but facilitating a bond of respect and oneness with the land we lean on.

Follow The Signs

manifestation tip #2

Follow the signs & synchronicities

When you’re in the midst of a trying time in life, you can often find yourself pleading with the universe around you to show you a sign. But so often we miss those signs on a daily basis, not because they’re not being shown to us — but because we tend to be very particular about how we expect them to come through.

Every time I step out into nature, I witness a sign simply because I believe that anything can be a sign. A butterfly flying past, a feather in your path, a ladybug landing on your shirt, even a bird pooping on you! (yes, this has happened to me more times than I’d like to admit 😂) Mother Nature is always providing us with signs & synchronicities … if only we’d look up from our devices a little more often to appreciate them. 😉

Next time you find yourself wanting to manifest the seemingly impossible or even in the middle of an emotional breakdown, take a step outside and simply allow yourself to witness all that surrounds you. We are all connected to the Earth, so you can not hide your thoughts from her.

Trust that gust of wind that blows by you when a sudden idea drops into your consciousness.

believe that the butterfly you saw on your walk home was one of your guides just passing by to support you.

embrace that the peculiar cloud formation you saw really was what you thought it was.

When you follow the signs & synchronicities of the Earth, not only does it give you a bit more magic to look forward to every day, you start to build a sense of belief in how supported you really are. And we can always use all the support we can get when we’re busy manifesting our realities, right?!

Flower Essence

manifestation tip #3

Work with flower essences

Of course I had to save the best for last! If you’re familiar with my world, you’ve seen me mention flower essences time & time again. Flower Essences are a very intimate way to work with the vibration of plants & the Earth. Essentially, a flower essence is an intentionally blended liquid that carries the energetic vibration of the spirit of the plant it was created with. I’ve been working with Flower Essences for the past few months and I’m endlessly amazed at the multitude of ways they can help humanity. Just like how every plant is different, every flower essence created can help us in a different way.

When working with the essence of a flower, you’ll find that they help with the inner work that’s required to manifest more than anything else. Because more often than not, when you’re trying to manifest one of your dreams, doing all the things, and finding that it just isn’t happening — it isn’t because you’re “doing it wrong”, it’s because there is an emotional block lingering in your subconscious that’s holding you back. Super frustrating, right?!

Well, flower essences are pure magic because when used with intention, they have ability to break themselves down into the tiniest particles to work their way into the crevices of our subconscious and radiate throughout our entire being to help us heal.

The best way to ease into working with flower essences is to refer to the last tip and follow the signs & synchronicities that are already available to you. 😉 If there is a flower that’s been on your consciousness for a while (as in you see it often or love the idea of decorating your space with it) it may not be just because it’s “pretty”, but because it’s calling you.

You can create essences on your own if you feel called to or you can purchase them from experienced flower essence creators. When you work with an essence, choose one that you intuitively sense will help you breakthrough any emotional blocks that could be holding you back from manifesting. Trust me, when you’re tuned into yourself, you’ll know it when you see it.

Freedom Collective

The Freedom Collective

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I get it. Working with earthly things like offerings & flower essences can be a little intimidating when you’ve never done it before. I personally LOVE facilitating flower essence journeys by creating them, communicating with the plant spirit, and then sharing with those who feel called to explore this realm of plant medicine and the magic our Earth has to offer us. I’m currently hosting a 30 day journey with a flower essence for freedom, called The Freedom Collective! If there are areas in your life you know you need to feel more free in before you can manifest what you truly desire, this is the experience for you. Click here to learn more.

I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed writing it! Do you have any favorite ways of manifesting with the earth? Let me know in the comments below!