How Kundalini Yoga Changed My Business Forever


First, I’m so happy you’re here and excited to share this story with you. I do feel compelled to preface this post with the fact that I do not consider myself an expert on Kundalini and this article has been written solely to share my personal experience & perception of this modality. Basically, I’m still learning as I go but following the calling to share what I’ve experienced thus far :) I hope you enjoy the read!

What is Kundalini?

Kundalini is form of spiritual energy that lives at the base of your spine, often untapped and undisturbed until it’s awakened. Kundalini is believed to hold shakti energy — our divine feminine, creative, infinite power that allows us to step into our truth and embrace our gifts on this planet. It’s something we all have but may not ever experience it’s awakening without raising our consciousness in one way or another.

Kundalini yoga & meditation was brought to the western world by Yogi Bhajan in the late 1960s. After experiencing the hippie movement firsthand during a trip to Los Angeles, he felt compelled to share his expert knowledge of Kundalini yoga to help people find a higher consciousness without the use of drugs.

It seems as if the term Kundalini yoga & meditation is used interchangeably. For me, it’s more of a meditative practice than yoga, but either way — Kundalini practices often involve chanting, intentional movements, and deep focus to allow you to tap into your personal power and amplify your energy + aura.


how it all began…

My Kundalini Awakening Story

I was introduced to kundalini in the fall of 2018 by the amazing Brianna Rose. Little did I know that just a few short months later, she would become my mentor and a positive force in my life to keep following my calling. Brianna is the first of her kind, a Kundalini Business Mentor. I’d followed her on Instagram for a while and would notice her mention kundalini all the time but never really stopped to try to understand what she was actually talking about. One day, I saw she was hosting a 40 Day Kundalini Challenge to introduce her audience to the world of kundalini. I had no idea what I was getting myself into but my curiosity was peaked and I decided to enroll.

Through this free challenge, Brianna taught us a kundalini kriya to increase our prosperity, the Subagh Kriya. This kriya involved a lot of arm movements, chanting, and an amount of time I didn’t always feel I had available to dedicate myself to (roughly 15 minutes lol). She told us we needed to commit ourselves to doing this practice for 40 days straight to really allow ourselves to integrate the inner work we were doing to amplify our energy.

At that time, having a meditative practice of 15 minutes per day seemed impossible. My ego incessantly shouted: You have so much things to do, how could you possibly make time for something you aren’t really sure will even work?

At the same time, my intuition was telling me, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by adding this to your life. Just try.

So, I made time for this practice every single day. In fact, being the type A personality I tend to be, I even scheduled it in my Google Calendar daily to ensure I was always reminded of the inner work I had to do before even touching the linear work I piled onto my daily to-do lists.

Luckily, I kept a log in my notes of my experience during this 40 day challenge, here are my findings:

By day 2 of the 40 day challenge, my awareness started slowly increasing. Noticing subtle but powerful details, such as the sunlight shining into my window onto me as soon as I began my practice or the smoke from the sage I burned seemingly swirling around me.

By week 2 of the challenge, I started experiencing an intense, deafeningly loud ringing in my ears immediately after completing my kriya. The ringing would last about 5 minutes. Once it passed, it seemed like I had downloaded some sort of cosmic information and was able to channel and write super powerful content for my business.

By the third week, I started feeling extremely exhausted and unmotivated. Doing my kriya each day felt more difficult than the days before but I kept pushing through. I would sometimes catch myself doing the chants from the kundalini kriya in my sleep. Perhaps this is what was making me so tired? Doing kundalini in your sleep definitely was NOT a part of the challenge. 😂

On day 17 of the challenge, after completing my kriya, I experienced the usual ringing in my ears then felt a sharp pain in my chest that lasted for about 10 minutes. It was startling and I was suddenly unsure if practicing kundalini was a good idea after all. I reached out to Brianna via Facebook messenger and let her know what was going on, she was super gracious and happy to help. She let me know that anything could be possible when you’re working with your energy and if I felt uncomfortable I could stop at any time. A part of me was like “well, I ain’t a quitter!” so I thanked her for her guidance and decided to keep pushing.

Later that evening, I had plans to go see the beautiful & soulful Sabrina Claudio in concert. While standing in line waiting to get into the venue, I suddenly started seeing spots and feeling extremely dizzy. I was swaying all around and my knees began to buckle. I felt like I could not stand or walk without support and leaned on my best friend while waiting for it to pass (yes, she was super freaked out by this lol). The intense ringing in my ears came back louder than ever before, I literally couldn’t hear anything else, couldn’t see, found it hard to breathe, and was just hoping that my friend wouldn’t have to end up calling an ambulance for me.

While this was going on, I decided I needed to just sit and let this overwhelming energy integrate and pass through me without trying to fight it. I closed my eyes, continued to hold onto my friend for balance, and repeatedly told myself that this was going to pass and it would not consume me. The more I repeated this affirmation in my mind, the more the symptoms started to subside. After about 10 minutes, I knew I was going to be okay. The dizziness & ringing of the ears had subsided but my spine felt like icy hot sensations were pulsating through it. Eventually I felt 100% back to normal just in time to walk into the venue and enjoy the concert. That experience alone was crazy and unlike anything I’d ever felt before but a part of me knew that this was supposed to happen, like some sort of initiation to owning my personal power.

It was my kundalini awakening.

It took me a little time to process what had just happened to me but a part of me knew exactly what had caused this. I researched Kundalini awakening stories and read some really scary shit, but didn’t allow that to deter me from keeping up with my practice. I knew there was too much work to do to allow inexplicable experiences to stop me from moving forward. After this point, my daily kundalini practice felt a bit more effortless and I had this comforting knowing that it was in fact worth the daily commitment I’d created for it. I’ve continued my Kundalini practice ever since.

A couple months later, Brianna opened the doors to her year long mastermind and I knew that I was destined and fully prepared to become a part of this with her. I believe my Kundalini awakening had a lot to do with my sudden calling to lead women in a deeper way than just designing graphics & building websites. I wanted to guide others on a journey that blended spiritual enlightenment with my experience in branding & marketing so they could be empowered with what they really needed to step into their truths and become the reason that people loved their brands. As a former Brand Designer herself, Brianna had a very similar story to me and I knew she was the right mentor to support me on this new chapter.


the aftermath

How Kundalini has helped me in my business…

It gave me a dedicated practice for myself.

Thanks to the 40 day Kundalini challenge that forced me into creating a spiritual practice for myself, I now can’t imagine life without it. I do my absolute best to commit a minimum of 30 minutes to myself for meditation, journaling, card reading, and kundalini every single morning before I start my day. Sometimes I will even go up to 2 hours if I feel called to. If you would have asked me 1 year ago today if I could imagine dedicating 30 minutes to 2 hours per day on just self-reflection & inner work, I would have laughed and sent you an “ain’t nobody got time for that” gif. 😂

Having this daily practice for myself has not only made me a more conscious, spiritual person — it’s ingrained this deep sense of belief in myself that I’m worth it. I’m worth devoting time to, I’m worth everything I desire, I’m worthy of the ability to tap into my personal power and claim what I want in this lifetime.

If you don’t truly believe any of the above thoughts, you’ll have a really hard time feeling in alignment as a business owner. Kundalini yoga has allowed me to integrate these feelings fully.

It taught me the power of consistency.

As a multi-passionate person who likes to try all the things while often having very little sense of commitment, being challenged to do a Kundalini meditation for 40 days straight seemed daunting. Knowing that the effectiveness of the energy work I was doing would falter if I fell off track was enough to keep me consistent. My time is the most valuable thing I have and I don’t like the feeling of wasting it. Doing my kundalini kriya for 40 days straight and taking the time to make note of my findings during each day really showed me the power of consistency. I now try to apply this same sentiment to as many facets of my life as possible, especially in my business.

“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently.”

It allowed me to trust in my personal power

The things I’ve seen, felt, and experienced since introducing Kundalini into my life are all the proof I need that we can all be unstoppable forces the moment we decide to be. There are so many different types of kundalini kriyas for every type of situation or feeling you can imagine. If you are going through something, you don’t have to feel out of control of your situation. You can grab the reins and change your destiny the moment you decide to believe in it. Intentionally practicing kundalini kriyas to match wherever I feel like I’m lacking energy or confidence has helped me overcome so many subconscious blockages that I’d spent way too long subscribing to before.

It’s helped me blend my expertise in branding & marketing with the power of my aura to call in my soulmate clients. It’s allowed me to create the energetic endurance to feel abundant without burning out. It’s allowed me to embrace my authentic self and tap into my personal power by realizing that just being me is more than enough.

🎵 *cue “I’ve got the power!”* 🎵

It allows me to channel big ideas & visions

The visions, thoughts, and ideas I channel during and after kundalini meditation are out of this world. The more I practice kundalini, the more my creative spirit becomes uncaged. I’m able to create content & offers for my business without overthinking every little thing because I trust where the ideas are coming from. I’m able to see my big picture vision clearer than I ever have before. I’m able to follow the calling of empowering others as a mentor because I’m finally holding space for & listening to my inner guidance. Kundalini meditation allows me to become a direct channel to my destiny and aligned with my divine path in this world.

Kundalini yoga & meditation changed my life. By being completely transparent in my journey and sharing the spiritual tools I’ve picked up along the way, my only intention is that my story will open your eyes to what could be possible for you, too.

Here are a few of my favorite Kundalini kriyas to practice. You can search each kriya on Google or YouTube to find tutorials on how to practice on your own if you feel called to:

Subagh Kriya: The kriya that started it all. Use this kriya to manifest prosperity & abundance into your life.

Gyan Chakra: I love this kriya because it helps me amplify my aura and endurance to call in my soulmate clients and have the energetic capacity to receive & guide them.

Sat Kriya: This kriya is a throat chakra activator that helps you speak your truth with confidence & power. I use this kriya before phone calls and whenever I prepare to go live in my Facebook community, The Beautifully Branded Society.