The Career Shift I'm Making in 2019


Hey friends! Gathering the courage to write this post has taken me a long time. Too long if I’m being completely transparent with you here. So I’m gonna rip the bandaid off quick and get right to it. Ready for it? Here goes.

I’m officially making the shift from Brand + Web Designer into a Brand Coach. This means for the time being, I am not taking on new design projects or offering 1:1 branding, graphic, or web design.

Yes, this is a huge decision and a complete pivot in my business. Here’s my why behind this major transition:


Running a design business for the past 3 years has been incredibly rewarding. I’ve had the honor of helping women communicate their visions through beautiful brands, graphics, and websites that truly feel like home for them & the people that matter most to their businesses.

In fact, the most pivotal part of journey began when I created my signature program, The Brand Experience, close to 1 year ago — where I focused my efforts on branding businesses from start to finish. This meant no more a la carte logo packages or cookie cutter web designs to allow my clients to play small. The Brand Experience was all about digging deep into your brand story, setting your intentions, and creating an entire brand experience that set you up for success to reach your big picture goals.

Since then, many of the Brand Experience alumni have gone on to manifest their intentions, as well as double and even triple their businesses after our time together — simply from their newfound ability to show up & feel confident in their online presences. I’m so proud of and humbled by the women that allowed me to become invested in their success. Together we went all in on their visions to build brand experiences that were rooted in their passions and aligned with the big dreams they had for their businesses.

of course, The program evolved as I began to take notice of where my clients struggled and needed more guidance.

By Stina Faye

It went from an experience centered on design, to an experience where people could gain mentorship in their brand building, guidance in their brand strategy, and have someone in their corner to co-create content that made their online presence 100x more powerful. I eventually began to offer copywriting assistance to help them communicate their message with authenticity + ease, social media strategies to help them develop their Instagram aesthetic, and even styled photography to help them showcase their products the way they deserved to be seen. I was really doing it all with these women and had SO much fun being their creative partner.

And through it all, I’ve come to terms that the women I’m destined to work with need more than someone willing to do all the work for them.

They didn’t need someone to just create a logo, website, and to hand over a brand style guide and send them on their way. They needed someone that was invested in their long-term success. They needed someone to show them how to become a creator in their business, so they could continue to create and build upon the momentum of our time together.

They needed a co-creator in their corner that was willing to support them, guide them, and empower them. Not only with the tools — but also the mindset needed to build powerful brands that fuel the reach of their businesses.

This goes deeper than the gorgeous logos and the impressive websites — and it certainly goes so much deeper than design. Because you can have a beautiful brand and still lack the confidence to show up alongside it. And you can have amazing visuals and still not know what the hell to say to communicate all the ways you change peoples lives with your mad skills.

When it comes to brand building, starting with logo & web design is like skipping past the groundwork to stage 5 in the process — which is why many people are left wondering why they never feel satisfied with their visual brands.

I made the decision to discontinue my 1:1 design services because I wanted to go ALL in on this calling to serve women on a much deeper level. The truth? My identity as a brand designer kept me small. It didn’t allow me to serve the way I was intended to and scaling my biz into a full-fledged creative agency was never on my personal agenda.

By shifting my focus into coaching + consulting, I’ll be able to create the deep impact I’ve been longing to make with my business and will have the capacity to serve more of you beautiful souls than the very few one-on-one spots I was limited to when only focusing on design.

At this point you might be wondering “so what’s next?!” Good question. My next chapter will be all about guiding women on how to go below the surface level of branding so they can create true impact with their online presence. The work we do will be focused on the essential journey of self & biz discovery that needs to happen BEFORE you get a cutesy logo or build a sexy website. ;)

In the very near future, I’ll be re-launching my online course, Beautifully Branded, and will be shifting it from a self-study course into a high-touch, brand accelerator & mentorship program catered towards people that are ready to become the reason that people love their brand.

This program will include my signature frameworks for brand building & content creation, guidance on how to create a business fully rooted in your passions, intimate 1:1 mentorship + co-creation, and will be focused on empowering you with all the support, frameworks, and tools you need to know to build a brand & biz around being yourself.

Honestly, separating myself from my identity as a designer so I can transition into work that will allow me to create more impact than I ever have before has been completely soul-shaking. But the truth is, I’ve never felt more aligned with my work or confident in the impact I can create with you guys than I am today.

And to those who may feel like this transition means you missed out on your opportunity to work with me — don’t — the journey has just begun and I want you to know that I’m still in your corner. :)

Wondering what else you can look forward to from me in 2019?

beautiful branding templates

more live trainings

more free resources & content

more empowerment

more living in my truth so i can continue to show you how to do the same.

To kick things off, I’ll be celebrating with a FREE live training to teach you how to stand out in a seemingly crowded industry. Trust me, you won’t want to miss this one. Sign up to attend below!

Want more deets on how you can become a part of the new & improved Beautifully Branded?

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me.

I can’t wait to co-create with you!

xo Christina