3 Things I've Learned Since Taking My Biz Full Time

3 Things I've Learned Since Taking My Biz Full Time

Once upon a time, going all in with my design business was a distant fantasy that seemed completely unrealistic. Then one day, after a little over a year of trying to balance a full-time remote job and a business, I decided it was time to take a chance on myself.

After attending a networking event called “Sacred The Brunch, A Celebration of Ambitious Women”, I left feeling incredibly inspired, motivated, and suddenly ready to do the damn thing and finally quit my job. I had always planned to wait...until I was booked further out, until I had a huge savings to fall back on, until the holidays passed—I had a million and one excuses why I should keep waiting, but the energy I felt at this brunch pumped me up to just make the move and figure the rest out as I go. Literally the next day, I put in my notice at my job and within the next couple weeks I was officially on my own.

It’s been almost a year since I made the leap into full time entrepreneurship and I’ve had a lot of people ask about my journey and how I’ve managed to make it work so far, so here’s my story along with a few things I’ve learned along the way.

*clears throat*


1. You have to trust the process.

Mistake number one of mine after making the leap was suddenly letting my fears take control of my mental health. Not only was I absorbing everyone else’s fears that were being projected on me, I was trying to fight off my own. To make things slightly scarier, I had just bought my first home a few months prior and was terrified that I wasn’t going to be able to make enough to cover my mortgage and bills. Basically, I was functioning from a scarcity mindset HARDCORE and bringing all types of bad vibes into my biz while I was at it.

But guess what? Every month I found a way to make it work. My bills remained paid, I had a roof over my head, and food was on the table. I wouldn’t allow myself to even leave the house until I felt like I had “done enough” to get myself out of this mental business hole I’d placed myself in. If I had just let go a bit and trusted in myself and my capabilities, the first few months could have been a lot happier to look back on. But that’s okay, because I’ve more than learned from those moments.


The takeaway? Trusting and committing yourself to the process is key if you want to make it as a business owner.


2. Mentors are essential.

After surviving the holidays (a.k.a. barely scraping by due to lack of preparation for the slower months as a design studio), I went into the new year knowing that something seriously had to change if this whole “being a business owner” thing was going to be worth it for me. I had some major goals in mind for myself for the year ahead but very little direction on how to reach them or even where I saw myself + my business in the grand scheme of things.

One day, while scrolling through Facebook—an ad stopped me in my tracks. Honestly, this never happens unless it’s a cat video or relatable meme so I was pretty intrigued. The ad was from a sparkly human being & my soon-to-be business coach/mentor—Libby Crow. Not only was her ad copy speaking straight to my soul + deepest desires, it instantly reminded me of the goals I had for my business and how I had no clue on how to get the systems in place to get there. I found myself applying to work with her within minutes of e-stalking. I swear I’m not usually this impulsive but it’s safe to say I was feeling called and definitely listening.

Fast forward to a few months later and my business is doing better than ever before. My presence and confidence is so much stronger, and not only did I learn how to mindfully market myself—I’m able to take what I learned and apply it to my own client experiences as well. If I could sum up what it’s like to have a business mentor, I’d honestly say it’s pretty equivalent to investing in someone to hold you accountable for the goals you want to accomplish while guiding + supporting you simultaneously.

You’d think those things are easy enough to do on your own, but I quickly learned that when you put your trust in the right people (typically the people you feel truly drawn to & called to work with) they can help you get farther than you ever would on by yourself. Of course, there were moments that were uncomfortable, challenging, and downright frustrating, but when you’re evolving and breaking free of old thought patterns that’s going to always come with the territory. Hands down, investing in a mentor was one of the best things I ever did for myself and my business.


Trying to go it alone and figure everything out yourself is a recipe for disaster. Whether it's a biz bestie or a biz coach, you're going to need support along the way to help your business grow and be sustainable.


3. Money mindset matters.

This is a big one! Going back to the sentiment of trusting the process—you have to also trust and nurture your money mindset if you actually want to make real, profitable income as a business owner. I spent SO much time low-balling myself due to a lack of confidence in myself and a mindset that I just wasn’t worth the monetary investment. I spent a lot of time taking on projects where I wasn’t valued or respected, simply because that’s the same mindset I was projecting into the universe.

To start shifting my mindset around money, I downloaded an app called “The Secret To Money” that provided me with daily affirmations, goal setting, and helped me keep track of all the monetary manifestations I created. I was shocked to find out that even little things like finding a dollar on the ground, your friend buying you a coffee, or getting a coupon for a free pizza counts as positive income if you allow yourself to think that way. Once I started keeping track of all the little ways I manifested in my day to day life, my mindset started shifting as I learned to become more grateful for all that was coming my way—no matter how big or small the dollar amount was.

Through my business mentorship program, I also learned about some deep rooted money mindset issues I had and did the groundwork to admit and free myself of them. It took me a long, long time to learn that money doesn’t have to be hard to make and you don’t have to work yourself like a dog or undervalue yourself to receive it.


When you function with a scarcity mindset that you’ll never be able to make enough or keep your money, guess what will always happen? Exactly what you’re projecting. When you believe in yourself, set your intentions, nurture your money mindset—and most importantly, do the necessary work it takes—the sky can really be the limit when it comes to reaching your monetary goals.


Before I sign off, I also want to leave a little note to those who may be reading this and possibly feeling inadequate that they haven't made the leap as yet. While I have 0 regrets about my decision to take my business full time, the lifestyle of a business owner is not glamorous at all. Beyond the pretty flat lays, coffee meetings, and launch parties...there's still a crazy amount of energy and not-so-pretty moments that goes into making this work. I gave up stability, benefits, and a good majority of my free time (and sanity lol) to commit myself to my business and all the people I get to help with it. I say that to say this—it's 100% okay to work for someone else and pursue your passions at the same time. The entrepreneurial path is not the end all be all for everyone that owns a business, so don't ever let anyone convince you otherwise! If you're a crazy person like me and you keep feeling that itch to go out on your own, I hope that the 3 things I learned are helpful to you and your journey. Cheers!

xo, Christina