Using Quizzes To Build Your Subscriber List

How To Build Your List & Boost Your Traffic With Quizzes


When it comes to building your subscriber list, the best way to generate leads is to consistently provide value to your audience. If PDFs & workbooks are starting to become a bit stale, it may be time to try out a quiz. I recently got the chance to try out a game-changing quiz creation tool via Interact and I must admit—I’m hooked. If you’ve been frequenting the lovely world of the internet for the past decade or so, I’m sure you’ve taken a personality quiz at least once. Whether it’s for kicks & giggles (cue sudden flashback to the “What ‘Friends’ Character Are You?” quiz you took on Facebook that one time) or to genuinely gain some insight (perhaps you took my What’s Your Brand Style quiz?) have to admit that quizzes can be pretty fun when you’re not being graded on them!


Here’s what I learned from creating my own quiz

I started by thinking about my audience and what types of quizzes could benefit them most. Being a Brand Stylist, it was almost a no-brainer to go with a quiz that helped my blog readers get an idea of what their own brand style could be. Once I established the theme of the quiz, I created a few common brand personalities that would determine the results for my quiz takers. Creating the questions + answers that led to each result required a bit of brainpower and intention. To ensure accuracy, I opened up a few books to refer to and brainstormed away. While these quizzes are super fun, let’s be real—in this day & age the average person has a pretty short attention span. So I knew I should probably keep the quiz as short and sweet as possible. With this goal in mind, I fleshed out 5 different questions to lead to the 5 different results that the quiz could end with.

Once the quiz went live, I wasn’t too sure what people would think of it, but the response was really positive. The feedback I got was that not only was the quiz thought-provoking & entertaining—it was also really accurate as well! Benefiting my audience was my primary goal but I also reaped an amazing benefit as well. In order to get your quiz results, I did make it mandatory to input your email address. Sounds like a fair trade, right? Since launching my very first quiz, my email subscriber list has grown 162%—woohoo!


Here’s how you can create your own quiz

I’ve partnered with Interact to try out the platform so I could give you all a genuine review! You can use my link (yes, this is an affiliate link) for a free demo to test out making your first quiz today. Want in on an even better deal? When you use promo code HOLIDAY25 between now and December 22, 2017—you’ll get 25% off of your annual subscription! I hope you have fun creating your quizzes, getting to know your audience, and building your subscription lists :)