Before I found Christina, I was already struggling with trying to figure out my brand identity to make it stand out and make sense to me. I stumbled across her social media and instantly realised that she would totally get me. When she introduced Beautifully Branded, I honestly didn’t even think twice before purchasing it - I trusted that it was exactly what I needed, and I was right. 

What really blew my mind was how easy it was to create a tagline, just by following the worksheets. I never had one before because it was always so difficult to think of something useful, but with BB, I created one in under 5 minutes!

What I loved most was the fact that Beautifully Branded helped ME, the business owner, understand exactly what my business is about, who I target, and what I stand for. This helped me to fully know my business for what it is, and now expressing myself through my brand has never been easier. This is exactly why I would recommend this program to any entrepreneur looking to expand their business. 

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